This organisation has been set up with one main goal in mind – to help children with potential to graduate and pursue a career in Rugby.
We are here to help and develop talented young players between the age of 13 to 21 and assist them as much as possible in order that they might reach their goals.

Our Objectives

  • To Support the progression of 13 to 21 year olds playing rugby by granting bursaries or grants as follows:
    • Promoting participation in Rugby Union Football by arranging for children and young people to attend, or assisting them to attend, any education establishment or such other institution by providing financial assistance.
    • Sponsoring or paying fees in connection with the provision of training, coaching or any specialist teaching in Rugby Union Football.
    • Providing financial assistance to allow for the purchase of sports equipment for the use and benefit of children, young people and the local community.
    • Providing any financial assistance to children and young people which is considered by the Charity to be beneficial to their participation in Rugby Union and to their education.
  • To encourage and motivate players to develop their rugby union education to the highest level irrespective of their social or financial background.
    These are particularly relevant if we are to maximise the legacy of the hugely successful 2015 Rugby Union World Cup that was staged in England in 2015.